We are asking directly for help to make our next album, to accompany our 2019 show “Jonny & the Baptists Love You and Hate Bastards”. We have written a bunch of songs, and don’t exactly have the funds to turn them into an album – so some cool kids told us about ‘Kickstarter’ and here we go! We have one month to raise the money to make the new record – here’s the page we made!

It’s a collection of 15 songs about tribalism, factionalism, love and friendship in this time of discord and opposition. We’re going to record the album live in front of an audience on Weds 3rd July at the The Phoenix, in London. We need to pay for the producer, engineers, equipment hire and production to make the recording; and then the costs of pressing the CDs and their cases to a very high-quality.
We don’t have the kind of financial resources to pay for this upfront and recoup it from selling the album in the autumn, and that’s why we need your help! Nor do we want to lose our independence and sign to a record label that could pay upfront for costs, but demand a higher-percentage of our frugal earnings and possibly limit our freedom to write whatever we want.
So if you like what we do, or what we have to say, or just like us, please help us out and make this record happen! 
We love you.
Here’s a link if you’d like to share it around: Just click THIS!